Our Team



Owner & Head Coach

I started boxing in 1996 as part of an off-season Rugby program. Before I knew it, I was signed up for my first fight (against my friend) and lost terribly. That moment I decided I wasn’t going to quit until I won a fight. It took a while but I got there, and in the process learned what it meant to be resilient, mentally tough, confident, and physically fit.




Getting punched in the face is a weird feeling. You almost black out for a split second and when you come to you ask yourself, "did that just happen?". In my class you can expect a lot of footwork, a lot of movement, punches in bunches, and intense intervals.




I have been in the gym since I was 15 but nothing has pushed me like boxing. It has taught me how to calm myself in an otherwise intense or stressful situation.



Owner & Coach

I was 18 years old and overflowing with energy the first time I stepped into the ring in Montreal. The coaches let me spar with anyone, and laughed at how intense I was in the ring. I just couldn't help going for it! I like to think that I’m now more mature and in control, but it took a lot for me to get to this point. And at the end of the day,  I still go for it. 




I think the best coaches I’ve had love the sport so much that they can’t help but want to pass it on to others. That’s who I aspire to be. I’m a big fan of understanding the “why” behind things, so a coach who can explain the rationale behind what we’re working has all my attention.




When I first started boxing, everything was awkward and at times I felt silly. It can be a challenging sport to break into. I like to remind people to push through that awkward stage because once you get the basics down you start feeling like you know what you are doing, that you belong there, and that is a feeling worth working towards.




I was introduced to boxing as a child, when my father and Grandfather managed former World Heavyweight Champion, Trevor Berbick. Fascinated by the glamour, risk, and prestige of prizefighting, I have been a fanatic follower of the sweet science since the mid 90’s. In 2003, I mustered the courage to join an amateur boxing club and learn the sport for myself.




I’m still on a long weight loss and get-fit journey. Boxing offers a complete body and mind workout, and provides the mental stimulation – along with some laughter – I need. Once you learn the basics, there is so much more to learn and to practice.