How did you first get involved in boxing?

I was introduced to boxing as a child, my father and Grandfather managed former World Heavyweight Champion, Trevor Berbick.  Fascinated by the glamour, risk, and prestige of prizefighting, I have been a fanatic follower of the sweet science since the mid 90’s.  In 2003 I mustered the courage to join an amateur boxing club and learn the sport for myself.

What did it feel like the first time you got punched in the face?

I immediately knew I was part of something special.  And I knew that if I could avoid getting hit too frequently, I could stay involved in the sport for a long time.

What makes a good boxing coach? 

A good boxing coach puts the same energy into teaching that the fighter puts into training.  Prepared coach = prepared fighter.

What’s on your typical playlist?

Lil Wayne, Em, Club Bangers, Rugged Man (he’s also a boxing geek), Hip Hop from all eras.  Warning: explicit content.

Who’s your favourite boxer?

Mayweather for sure.  Even through all the fame, success, media vilification, and other distractions, Floyd stayed in peak physical condition at #1 and indefinitely maintained zest to improve himself as a boxer.

Runners up: Roy Jones Jr’s for his reflexes in the 90’s.  Prince Naseem was the most dynamic showman. Ann Wolfe was terrifying.  Klitschko was so coachable (he was #1 heavyweight for 10 years because of his ability to deploy the advice of his trainer). Lomachenko is the most outstanding active fighter today (2018).

How do you think Boxing enhances your life or affects other areas of your life?

It’s how I met my wife.  Case closed.