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The classic fighter’s workout meets bootcamp! 60 minutes of boxing elements – which may include skipping, shadow boxing, heavy bag drills, and hand pads – blended together with strength-building exercises such as TRX, BOSU, medicine balls, light weights, and more! Expect a sweat that not only prepares the fighter’s body, but also the soul in one intense, fulfilling hour..


Just like Q60, but 15 minutes less sweaty.

Boxing 101

You guessed it – boxing basics for beginners (or those who just need a refresh). We’ll teach you how to find the right stance, basic footwork, and most importantly, the jab cross. These two punches are the bread and butter of boxing and will carry you through most classes. We’ll put you through some tried-and-true strength drills so you can experience a full body workout.

Beyond the beginner stage? That’s cool. We’ll give you something to work on too!

Training Camp

Focused on technical boxing skills, this more advanced class will bring your boxing to the next level. Expect advanced drills with more attention to technique and form, combined with an exceptional sweat. Skills you can expect to learn and make your own include skipping and footwork, shadow boxing, advanced combinations, hand pads, and defence.

12 Rounds

12 three-minute rounds of work with one minute rest. A mix of shadow boxing, strength, and a whole lotta bag work. This class is not designed for new members. It’s intense, fast-paced, and there’s no quit!

Fight to Flow

Unleash your inner warrior. Lose yourself in a condensed 30 minute Q RULES Boxing Bootcamp, then melt into your mat for another 30 minutes in an epic meditative cool down lead by a yoga pro. 


Summer is short, so let’s make the most of it! Get a dose of Vitamin D with your sweat during this outdoor cardio and bodyweight workout. Class begins at the studio, then we’ll make our way to the Dartmouth waterfront. Workouts may finish under the sun, or back in the studio with a few rounds on the bag. Note: This is Nova Scotia, so if the weather sucks, we’ll keep things indoors.

The Cut

It ain’t always about hitting the bag. There comes a time when a fighter needs to focus on strength, conditioning, and spiking that metabolism for the upcoming weight cut. This class will hit every body part, challenge your endurance, and help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals. Whether you’re preparing for a fight or just showcasing those abs on the beach, The Cut is going to bring the results. This 45 minute hardcore bootcamp with basic boxing drills is for all levels.

Sparring Drills

Partner up and take your boxing to the next level with sparring drills. This MEMBERS ONLY class can be attended by boxers who have completed their sparring certification and/or are registered with Boxing Canada.

This all levels class is great for seasoned fighters as well as those looking to work on technique and build up to full sparring, or future competition. Drills will range from basic jab defence to advanced multi-combo blocking. No matter your level of experience or fitness, you’ll gain confidence in the ring. Headgear, sparring gloves, and mouthguard are required – we’ll provide the first two!

Pad Work

Want to take your boxing skills to another level, but don’t want to spar? Or maybe practice some punch combinations before getting back into sparring? Spend 60 minutes with us learning and practicing how to get the most out of holding and hitting pads with a partner, how to make combinations flow together, and get a good sweat on. Suitable for people who know the jab, cross/straight, and hooks.


Important Notes


While Q RULES is about fitness, we are also about boxing – creating boxers, nurturing a love for the sport, and continually challenging ourselves and our members by pushing them to learn more each session. So, when we say this class is advanced and not for beginners (or anyone within a trial membership), we mean it. Unless you have authorization from the coach or owners, you will not be permitted to partake in Training Camp, 12 Rounds, Sparring Class, Open Sparring, or any other class deemed advanced. This not only ensures your safety and enjoyment, but is also respecting the members who have paid their dues and have advanced beyond boxing basics.

If you don’t know how to wrap your hands, you do not belong in this class.



If a member arrives more than five minutes late for class and does not have their hands wrapped, it will be up to the coach to decide whether or not to accept them into class. If they do accept them, the member will be required to do 20 burpees before entrance.