Women’s Boxing Program

Running for 8-week terms with two level options, these programs are designed for women ranging from little to no boxing experience (level 1) to those interested in advanced skill development (level 2).


Coached by Aimee Coulombe and Julia Gould


Level 1

No experience necessary and all fitness levels welcome. The program runs twice a week for 16 sessions total.

Working together, we’ll move you through the foundations of stance and movement, cover all the main punches, and provide the basics of “making them miss and making them pay” (defence and counters).

Some of you may only want to apply these lessons to hitting the “bags” and “pads”; others will choose to experiment with light sparring practice with partners or coaches.  What you try is up to you and you may be surprised by what you’re willing and able to do.

Our focus is on proper technique, boxing strategy, and building the strength and stamina it takes to make every round count. Outside the gym, you’ll likely notice increased confidence, improved muscle tone and endurance, and a feeling of increased strength inside and out.

Level 2

Been around for awhile (or at least the 8 weeks of level 1) and want to take your boxing to the next level? Level 2 could be for you!

Level 2 focuses on “putting it all together” and building confidence in the sport. Each week we’ll work on more complex combinations, practice tactics and strategy, and exchange some offence and defense techniques.

If you aren’t a Level 1 grad and are wondering what we’d expect you know before starting Level 2, here’s our required knowledge: jab, cross/straight, hooks (it would be great to know uppercuts and your overhand, but okay if you don’t); moving forward, moving back, moving left and right (pivots would nice to have in your arsenal, but not expected); and slips (rolling, ducking, catches, pulls, and parries are all appreciated, but something we can learn together).   

Starting September 17, 2019

Classes run eight weeks, two classes per week.
Tuesdays: 8:15PM to 9:15PM (Level 1&2)
Sundays: 5:00PM to 6:15PM (Level 1)
6:30PM to 7:45PM (Level 2)

$175* members | $225* non-member

We’ll supply the boxing gloves, and each participant will receive their own hand wraps.

*Plus tax. Cost includes registration with Boxing Nova Scotia

Ready to get started?

Questions? Give us a call at (902) 406-2116 or email us at hello@qrulesboxing.

PLEASE NOTE: Participants must be at least 16 years old to register for this program.