Owner & Head Coach


How did you get involved in boxing?

Picture the shyest, most awkward and introverted 17 year old you can. Then imagine that poor girl in a boxing ring. Yup - a fish out of water.

I joined Citadel Boxing in the North End of Halifax in 1996 as part an off-season Rugby program. Before I knew it I was signed up for my first fight (against my friend) and lost terribly. But that moment I decided that I wasn’t going to quit until I won a fight. It took a while but I got there, and in the process learned what it meant to be resilient, mentally tough, confident, and physically fit. I’ve had lots of ups and downs in the sport but what keeps me coming back is the constant challenge to become stronger both in and out of the ring.

What's on her typical playlist:

Some rock, rap, pop… I’m kinda like the DJ at a wedding hoping to keep everyone on the dance floor.

What did it feel like the first time you got punched in the face?

Unprepared. I didn’t know any defence and certainly wasn’t mentally prepared to be hit. Over the years I’ve learned how to integrate sparring into practice by building up the skills and confidence of fighters so that they feel prepared to get in the ring and also tackle life in the real world too.

Favourite punch:

The left hook

Favourite boxer:

Lucia Rijker. She was a trail blazer for women in boxing and didn’t let anyone get in her way. Check her out as the villain in MILLION DOLLAR BABY.