I've never boxed!  Is this right for me?

The great thing about boxing is that it's universal and for everyBODY.  All of our classes are built upon the principle that everyone can learn to throw 2 punches on their first day and join the party.  Arrive a little early - we'll give you the tour, do some paperwork, and get you going with a short tutorial on the ONE TWO punch combo..  The more you come, the more you learn.  Pretty soon you'll be throwing hooks and body shots at the bag.  Where you want to take it is up to you.  Maybe you are training to be healthier, more fit, or reduce stress.  Maybe you want to ultimately get in the ring.  We're in your corner no matter what your goals are.

What do I wear?

You're going to get sweaty.  Real sweaty.  So be prepared.  Layers are a good idea.  There's no specific dress code for training but we do ask that you bring indoor training sneakers (outdoor shoes bring in all sorts of gnarly stuff).  Sorry guys - no bare chests allowed.  

Our studio gets warm pretty fast so wear something that you can move freely in and will keep you comfortable.  Outfit ideas:

  • tank top & shorts

  • long sleeved LULU shirt & 'skort'

  • hoodie and leggings

  • your mom's 80's one piece leotard

Do I need my own gloves?

We rent our gloves for $2 a class.  Bring ID or a credit card so we can have assurance that we'll get them back.  After years of training in boxing gyms there's one thing we know - gear goes missing and it sucks to replace it.  

Having your OWN gloves is truly special.  It's like having your own running shoes - they are for you only and you will come to love the way YOUR gloves feel.  We sell both 10 and 12 ounce gloves on site.

How do I sign up for a class?

We use the MINDBODY software to create member accounts, sign up for classes, log in, buy memberships, and lots more.  You may already have the app on your phone if you are the kind of gym goer that likes to sign up for classes quickly.  

Not into apps or hate technology?  We hear ya.  Give us a call and we can sign you up for a class too.  

What sort of equipment do you have?

Our heavy bags are ATF brand and weigh in at 150lbs.  We carry an awesome brand of gloves from our fellow native Nova Scotian friend Nathan Bower.  We carry them in 10 and 12 ounce weights - perfect for bag use and focus pad training.  

Our Bootcamp Room uses TRX suspension trainers, BOSU balls, agility ladders, medicine balls, resistance bands, light dumbbells, and good old fashioned skipping ropes.

Do you have showers?

Yes.  We have 4 shower/change rooms and towel service.  These are individual rooms for quick showers and changes so we hope everyone will keep it short and sweet so that other members can make use of the facilities too.  For anyone that needs a little primping before they head out the door, we have a vanity station with hair dryer, mirror, and a few other extras nearby.

Should I buy a monthly membership or Punch Passes?

Do you want to train like a fighter?  If so then a MONTHLY membership is right for you.  You'll get unlimited access to as many classes a week, use of our OPEN GYM hours, and free glove rentals.  Training like a fighter means you want to make Q Rules your main workout.  

Maybe you like to shake up your routine.  If you're a dedicated yogi, runner, or ultimate frisbee champion, this is a great place to cross train.  The PUNCH pass allows you the flexibility to stop in and hit a bag when the mood strikes.

Do you sell bottled water?

Nope.  Q Rules doesn't want to add to any more plastic bottles to our oceans.  Also, we pay taxes so that we can have some of the best drinking water in the world.  Bring your own water or fill it up at our tap.