Sparring Certification 

You’ve learned the punches and the footwork. You’ve spent time perfecting your technique. Now what?  It’s time, my friend, to take your skills to the next level and spar.


What the hell is sparring?  

Sparring simulates the fight experience. Boxers throw punches at their sparring partners (typically of similar weight and skill level, but not always) and use defensive skills to avoid getting hit for 3 minute rounds with 1 minute of rest between rounds. 

Sparring sessions are held for the purpose of learning and refining technique, and each boxer must display respect for their sparring partner and the coach who is supervising the session. Every sparring session makes a fighter more aware of their strengths and weaknesses, provides them a focus, and pushes them towards greater mental and physical toughness. 

did we mention the workout? 

If you thought 3 minutes of bag work or hand pads was tough, get ready! Now you’ve got the added adrenaline of a true fight experience and that will effect your body and mind and new ways.

Over 4 sessions, fighters will learn how to defend themselves against punches. Each session will build on what was learned in the previous session, taking fighters from defending against single jabs to sparring for 3 minutes with a full arsenal of punches.  

Your learn-to-spar program includes a recreational membership with Boxing Nova Scotia and step-by-step instruction with a certified boxing coach. Upon successful completion of the program, you will have the privilege to spar during our Open Gym / Sparring sessions, as well as events held at the gym.  

Sparring is a step towards becoming a true fighter – in or out of the ring. You may find yourself more confident and assertive after the workshop, or maybe even booking your first fight!

The Details

Sparring certification is available for Q Rules members only. You will need your Q Rules coach’s permission to register for the program.

Headgear and sparring gloves will be provided by the studio. Fighters need to bring their own mouth guards. 

When: August 10-11th & 17-18th ( Saturdays and Sundays)

Time:1:00 to 2:15pm

Cost: $175 plus tax

Cost includes registration with Boxing Nova Scotia. 

Mouth Guards can be purchased at the Studio.

For more information, talk to your Q Rules coach, or email