How did you get involved in boxing?

Boxing has been an on and off again journey for the last fifteen plus years. I joined a gym my first week of high school, City of Lakes Boxing Club, after an unexpected run in with some older youth that left me wishing I knew how to defend myself better. Since then, I’ve trained at Palooka’s where I had my first amateur bouts, then Underdog Boxing Gym while I lived in Montreal, and now I am back at it again with Q Rules Boxing.


What was your first fight like?

Everything happens so fast. One minute you’re warming up, getting your hands wrapped and the next there’s a series of bells, maybe a swig of water, and it’s over and you’re absolutely exhausted. But I won that first one so overall it was good.


What does it feel like to lose?

Losing sucks dot com, especially when its done in front of a crowd. But, getting my face smashed in pushed me to be more aggressive, to throw more punches, to really go for it so I think it made me a better fighter.


What makes a good coach?

Patience, preparation, experience, knowledge, etc. Also, I think remembering what it was like to be a beginner is a decent quality too. When I first started boxing, everything was awkward and at times I felt silly. It can be a challenging sport to break into. I like to remind people to push through that awkward stage because once you get the basics down you start feeling like you know what you are doing, that you belong there, and that is a feeling worth working towards.


What does boxing add to your life?

Boxing helps with my anxiety, it gets all that negative energy out. It also helps me focus, to be present, as concentration is a large part of boxing. And, I prefer training with others, suffering as a group makes me feel connected to people and it makes working out a thousand times more enjoyable so boxing motivates me to actually get myself to the gym.

Favourite music to train to?

Remixed hits!